Hello today I will talk about the skin, but ...

What is the skin? How many skin types are there? What can we do to keep it beautiful? And how do I recognize my skin type?

Well, I'll tell you this and more.

Let's start, the skin is the most extensive organ of the human body and has multiple functions, one of them acts as a protective barrier against the external environment, protecting it from chemical agents, mechanical or ultraviolet radiations and maintaining homeostasis internally, It also helps sensitivity. Of pain, touch, pressure and temperature, regularization is another of the most important functions through the dilatation and constriction of the vessels through sweat, between infinite functions of the skin. How many skin types are there? We talk about 4 types of skin, we describe each of them and you can identify what kind of skin you have to learn to take care of it.

In this first blog I will talk about what are the characteristics of normal skin and dry skin and give you some tips on how to take care of them, in the next publications I will write you about other skin types. Be attentive to my weekly publications!


Normal skin

Medically it is called the normal skin "eudérmica" this type of skin is privileged since the sebum (which is the fat of the face) and the hydration are in balance, this makes our skin look hydrated and with a natural shine.
Identification of normal skin
Normal skin has good blood circulation, fine pores, smooth texture, hydrated appearance, absence of impurities such as bothersome acne and is not prone to sensitivity. As a person grows with normal skin loses the hydration of their skin and may have a slightly drier skin.

Take care of normal skin:
removing make-up is paramount for what we should have:
1- facial cleanser for normal skin, apply every night before sleep.
2-tonic is essential in all cleansing process
3-hydrating for the night, normal skin should also hydrate this is essential
4- Exfoliate your skin minimum once a week, remove the dead cells regenerating and looking more beautiful.

Dry skin:
A dry skin is by decreasing the production of natural fat called sebum, dry skin lacks lipids that help hydration and protection.
Identification of dry skin:
A feeling of tightness and rough skin is one of the fundamental characteristics of this type of skin, possible itching and can be seen prematurely aged, in addition this condition makes you prone to the appearance of wrinkles and spots.
Take care of dry skin:
you should use:
1- cream cleansing milk for dry skin.
2- tonic for dry skin without alcohol this is very important
3- the fundamental hydration you should use creams with hyaluronic acid both day and night
4- use weekly moisturizing masks
In both types of skin is important the daily use of sunscreen so for nothing in the world you forget it.
this was all for this week, the next topic I will write about oily and mixed skin.
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